How does CircleLoop work?

CircleLoop is a cloud-based business telephone system, allowing users to make and receive calls on any device, anywhere. It works using our unique iPhone, Android and web apps which (alongside allowing you to make and receive calls) also provide complete call and message activity history, notifications and preference settings. You can also make and receive calls from any of your 3 CircleLoop phone numbers via the apps.

How do I make a call using CircleLoop?

It couldn’t be easier. Launch the CircleLoop iPhone, Android or Web app, choose one of your contacts or use the dial-pad. Then select the phone number you want to dial from and press Call.

How do I receive a call using CircleLoop?

Again, it couldn’t be easier. Regardless of which number the caller has used, our app instantly pushes the call to your mobile phone or computer, which you simply answer in the usual way.

Do I get voicemail with CircleLoop?

Yes, every user has a personalisable voicemail and this is free of charge to use. You can also choose to have your voicemails sent to text. This is free of charge on our Pro plan.

How do I add users to CircleLoop?

CircleLoop is self-service, so you don’t need to call anybody, or wait for an engineer, You can simply log-in to our Admin panel and add/ remove users and numbers in a couple of clicks.

I have a sales team. Can I let my staff use the same number, to make & receive calls?

Yes you can. Once you’ve created your account, you can use our Admin panel to add new users/ numbers and create teams - ideal for your main line, sales teams and support teams.

What if a member of staff leaves my company? Do I still have to pay for their subscription?

No. There’s no contract with CircleLoop - so you’ll stop paying for their phone system as soon as you remove the user in our Admin panel.

What happens if I am logged in to various devices at the same time?

The call will ring out simultaneously on all logged in devices. Take your pick!

How do the notifications work?

If you miss a call or receive a message, the CircleLoop apps will send you a notification to alert you, or you can choose to receive email notifications if you prefer.

Does call activity sync across all my devices?

Yes it does. Your CircleLoop activity feed shows you all call and voicemail activity for each of your phone numbers.

Are the apps free to download?

Yes. As soon as you are a registered CircleLoop user, you can download any of our apps.

Where can I find the apps?

We’ll provide you with a link for the CircleLoop web app, as soon as you are registered. You can download the iPhone app from the Apple app store and the Android app from Google Play.

Do I still need a SIM card?

You don’t need a new SIM card to use CircleLoop. But you will need internet access on your computer or Wifi/ 4G on your mobile to make and receive calls.

My colleagues currently use desk-based phones. Does CircleLoop replace that?

Yes. With CircleLoop you and your colleagues no longer require a cabled landline or desk phones. All you need is a mobile phone, or a tablet, or a computer and internet access.

My colleagues currently use their own mobile phones, and we pay for their calls through expenses. Does CircleLoop replace that?

Yes. We can save you some money. Your colleagues can simply use their own mobile phones and computer systems to make and receive calls, whilst using their business telephone number(s). There’s no longer any need for extra business phones or extra sim cards.

So I can cancel my existing mobile phone contract?

That’s up to you! With CircleLoop you no longer require a talk-time bundle from your provider, you just need a data connection. We do often find that our users prefer to keep their business and personal numbers separate though. So it’s your call.

So I can cancel my existing landline contract?

Yes. With CircleLoop you no longer require a voice landline or desk phones. Of course, if your internet connection is provided through your landline, you’ll still need that.

My colleagues prefer to use headsets for calls. Does CircleLoop support these and can you supply them?

Yes. CircleLoop supports computer headsets and hardware if that is your preference. We can supply phone headsets and handsets that have been fully tested with CircleLoop. Please ask us for prices.

How much mobile data does CircleLoop use?

As a general guide, CircleLoop will use approx 1mb of data per minute. This can be variable, depending on which additional features you are using. CircleLoop’s data consumption is at most equivalent to most other IP or cloud-based systems.

I already have a phone number, can I transfer this to CircleLoop?

Yes, we’re happy to transfer an existing number to CircleLoop. We can transfer most landline (01, 02) numbers from traditional providers such as BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk, and we can transfer some numbers from other providers (please check with us before requesting). We can also transfer the majority of UK mobile numbers with a PAC code. There will be a porting fee of between £10+VAT and £20+VAT per transferred number - that’s simply what it costs us to arrange it, and this will be agreed with you prior to a transfer being instructed.

How long does porting / transferring a number take?

It varies. Mobile numbers are really straight-forward and take a couple of days. Other numbers can take anything from 7 to 20 days depending on the provider we are transferring from. The process is quite old-fashioned and very fussy. Unfortunately, it’s not something that we’re in control of, but we’ll always do our best to speed up the process for you.

If I decide to leave CircleLoop, can I take my number(s) with me?

Yes you can if your new provider supports this. We will charge an administration fee of £25+VAT per number to arrange this.

Do I have to sign a contract with CircleLoop?

No, there’s no contract with CircleLoop. You just need to accept our terms and conditions.

Can I stop people calling me at certain times of the day?

Yes you can. You can set your Out Of Hours / Do Not Disturb times within the app.

What happens if I don’t have a data connection?

Cloud infrastructure is extremely robust these days. However, in the event that you do not have a data connection, your call can be transferred to a mobile or landline number.

I need an international phone number. Can you still help me?

Yes. For a small surcharge, we offer a range of telephone numbers from major international cities such as New York, Canada, Amsterdam, Sydney and Dublin.

What is included in the Pro (Unlimited) price plan?

Our Pro plan includes all calls to UK 01, 02, 03 numbers and most 07 numbers, within reasonable usage limits. It also includes free of charge voicemail transcription. Our Pro plan does not include calls to premium rate numbers, such as 08 or 09, and does not include calls to International numbers, which are charged at our published rates.

What’s included in the 7 day free trial?

It depends on which plan you are signing-up to. If you sign up to Standard your 7 day free trial is subscription fee free, but this doesn’t include any call charges that you incur during this period. If you are signing up to Pro, your subscription and calls are all included.

Why do I have to provide my payment card details for the 7 day free trial?

We ask for card details at the point of registration to ensure that you do not lose connectivity with your phone system at the end of your trial, if you choose to continue. If you cancel your subscription at any time within the first 7 days you will not be charged subscription fee.

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