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HubSpot Call Integration with CircleLoop

Keep your team in HubSpot, make better calls and track client communications effortlessly with CircleLoop’s HubSpot integration.

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CircleLoop is leveraging the latest updates in our platform to create a best-of-breed integration for our mutual customers.


Director of Product, Hubspot

What does CircleLoop + Hubspot Integration give you?

These are just a few of the added benefits you’ll get

  • Instant Click-To-Call

    Instant Click-To-Call

    To make HubSpot phone calls, simply click on the call button in HubSpot to place the call via CircleLoop.

  • Native Dialer

    Native Dialer

    We've worked in partnership with HubSpot to place your CircleLoop dialler directly inside your CRM.

  • HubSpot Call Logging

    HubSpot Call Logging

    Every call and voicemail logs automatically. There’s HubSpot call recording available too.

  • Call Notes & Outcome

    Call Notes & Outcome

    Select your call outcome, and edit CircleLoop call notes directly in HubSpot.

  • HubSpot Contact Sync

    HubSpot Contact Sync

    HubSpot phone integration with CircleLoop allows you to sync your contacts into the app.

  • Enhanced Inbound Caller ID

    Enhanced Inbound Caller ID

    Select your call outcome, and edit CircleLoop call notes directly in HubSpot.


HubSpot Call Integration with CircleLoop

HubSpot is your one-stop-shop for inbound marketing and sales. It’s a powerful CRM platform tool that allows you to control every part of the customer experience.

CircleLoop’s virtual business phone systems can integrate perfectly with HubSpot’s CRM platform, allowing you to get the most out of an already powerful tool. CircleLoop is a HubSpot Connect Certified Partner and has become one of HubSpot’s fastest growing apps.


How does CircleLoop integrate with HubSpot?

Our HubSpot phone integration allows you to record calls, track HubSpot call activity, log details and make notes. The CircleLoop HubSpot phone system allows you to do all of this without leaving the HubSpot platform, but also lets you make HubSpot phone calls directly through the CircleLoop app when you’re on the go.

This means that your inbound marketing and inbound sales teams can manage calls, contacts and leads with ease. You’ll be able to keep in contact with the people that matter most to your business but also save valuable time on internal processes and onboarding.

Hubspot integration

For your inbound marketing team

Keep comms efficient

Our HubSpot phone integration provides a direct route for clients to their point of contact or team, cutting out the need to re-direct calls. This will make your comms efforts work much more smoothly.

Generate persona-specific gold dust

Our system provides HubSpot call recording and transcriptions for detailing questions and objections, which will allow you to access detailed information about a lead or customer. All of these notes will be quick to access, giving you powerful persona insights at your fingertips.

Better account management in the HubSpot platform

CircleLoop works within the existing platform, so there’s no need to leave HubSpot to speak to clients. Our team management system centralises everything so your whole team’s efforts can be seen in one place.

Don’t be a note-taker, let CircleLoop log your calls

Our HubSpot call logging lets you focus on strategy and being creative. As we automatically log call details made through HubSpot you’ve not got to worry about making a note of each call.

Onboard new team members faster

Our HubSpot call notes and recordings make client handovers easier and more effective. You can assign notes to a HubSpot contact or specific call, as well as log any call details, like missed calls or duration, along with call recording. This means new team members can catch up on important information quickly.

The CircleLoop product is immense and a real market leader. We are loving the product and the HubSpot integration.


MD, The Success Hub

Hubspot integration

For your inbound sales team

Search HubSpot contacts on the move

Quickly search Hubspot prospects or contacts in the CircleLoop app when you’re out and about. This means you’ve not got to have access to HubSpot CRM to still make a call and access the benefits of CircleLoop.

Seamless marketing to sales handover

Prospects download content; contact is added to CircleLoop - integration is that easy. Your HubSpot prospects get added as a CircleLoop contact as soon as they’ve downloaded your content, and this will be logged to the system.

Sales process development

HubSpot call logging and recording in-app allows better feedback on lead quality. Along with the ability to add notes to your calls and contacts, this gives you powerful insights on your HubSpot sales process.

Better prospect profiling

CircleLoop’s call tracking lets you work out whether a prospect fits your profile. Providing an analytical look at the number of calls, length, what was said and how demanding they were.

Instant access to all comms data

Whether it's email, chat or phone, any CircleLoop activity is logged automatically in HubSpot, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. This lets you find all your HubSpot CRM leads and call information in one place. Don’t believe us? Just check out our Project Simply Case Study and find out how they integrated CircleLoop with HubSpot for great accountability.

Do You Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions and don't hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance

What’s the HubSpot native dialler?

The native dialler means your CircleLoop dialling system inside the HubSpot platform, which means you don’t have to leave HubSpot to make or receive a call.

For more on the HubSpot call capabilities, check out our full guide on the HubSpot native dialler.

What other features does CircleLoop offer?

Absolutely! Your HubSpot contacts will automatically sync with CircleLoop when you install the app. This works both ways, so you can sync your existing CircleLoop contacts with the HubSpot CRM system too.

Can I synchronise my HubSpot contacts with CircleLoop?

CircleLoop has a number of excellent features that you’ll gain access to when you integrate it with HubSpot. These include a cross-device phone number, conference call capabilities, team management and more.

For more on CircleLoop’s features, check out our features page or take a look at our settings guide for each app.

Smart features that save you time and money

Self service

Add a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze number to your CircleLoop account

Desktop and Mobile Apps

As a cloud-based phone we run using VoIP (voice over internet protocol), so you can make and receive calls on your mobile or desktop.


CircleLoop can sync up with deskphones, so if you still need a physical phone presence we can help there too.

Number Porting

Port your old number over to CircleLoop, so you haven’t got to worry about losing key inbound prospects.


While our apps lessen the worry of missing a call, we offer voicemail transcribing for any voicemails left to your CircleLoop numbers.

Out of Hours Routing

Set the days and times you are available, route calls to another team, menu or external number

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to another team, menu or another user


All voicemails can be converted to text and sent to your activity feed or email

Conference Calling

Every user gets their own conference room, to arrange group calls with ease

Call Recording

Call recording lets your sales team learn from their mistakes and improve their calls, plus they don’t have to worry about taking note or missing a detail.

Call Greetings & Menus

If people need to return your sales calls, you can set up in-call menus to direct callers to the right place.

Call Forwarding

Send inbound calls to mobile phones or other landline numbers


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