It’s a business phone system, but not as you’ve known it

CircleLoop brings your entire phone system together in powerful desktop and mobile apps. There’s no tedious admin, no daft jargon, and no contract ties.

Desktop App

It gives you complete flexibility

CircleLoop brings all of your team together regardless of where they’re working, with powerful apps for desktop and mobile, and optional desk-phone support. It’s self-serviced, so you don’t need to spend time waiting for engineers, and there are no contract ties, so you can come and go as you please.

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I love that CircleLoop allows me to switch seamlessly between my phone numbers. So if I want to make a call from my London number, my Manchester number or even my France number, I can do it instantly at the touch of a button.

Glyn Powditch, CTO, Dream Agility Ltd

Complete Flexibility

It helps you to get more done

Setup is instant, and you can make real-time changes to your phone system like adding and removing users and phone numbers, in just a matter of seconds.

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I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I signed-up in a matter of minutes online and my phone system and numbers were live instantly.

James McGlade, Director, The Growth Alliance Ltd

Get More Done

It helps you to sell more

Your customers are more like to answer calls from a local area code. Instantly set up local phone numbers for any part of the UK, and international numbers for most of the world.

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As a London-based business, working with clients from all around the world, the ability to add local phone numbers instantly has really helped us to serve our existing clients professionally, and win new clients overseas.

Brendon Craigie, CEO, TytoPR

Helps You To Sell More

It enables collaboration

Easily set up shared numbers for your teams and transfer calls within your business. Arrange free conference calls, or integrate CircleLoop with team chat tools like Slack.

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We were previously using two separate systems to achieve what CircleLoop gives us in one, and all for a fixed monthly price!

Harry Potts, Founder, Huddle Digital

Enables Collaboration

It guarantees cost savings

Traditional phone systems come with lots of associated costs - setup fees, service plans, hardware. CircleLoop puts an end to all of that nonsense with simple pricing, no hidden fees, less administration time and no additional hardware to purchase.

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The ability to create a number, add a user and use our existing smartphones and desktops makes CircleLoop perfect for Allies and our startups. Not to mention the savings from no line rentals, setup fees or bundled minutes to buy.

Ryan Atkins, CEO, Allies Ltd

Guarantees Cost Savings

It's super-simple to set up

CircleLoop doesn't require any technical knowledge to set up. There's no lines or switches to install. You simply download the apps, add your users and numbers and you're ready to go.

Super Simple To Set Up

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