Memorable numbers for your business

Make your calls stand out from the crowd with a vanity number and make sure your clients always remember your business phone number.

What is a memorable number?

Memorable numbers are phone numbers that are just that: easy to remember. Often described as vanity numbers, they’re phone numbers that have been specifically chosen by an individual or business to make them both stand out and easy to get in touch with. If your clients don’t have to look up your number, and they just remember it, you’re onto a winner.

Memorable numbers include numbers that spell out related words, or simple ones with easy to remember strings of numbers, like 777 or 000. They can be used to make separate parts of your business more distinguishable or make you easier to remember than your competitors. At CircleLoop you can take advantage of our virtual numbers to set up memorable phone numbers for your business.

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Buy memorable numbers for your business

Choose a memorable number that really makes you stand out. We offer custom memorable numbers in different tiers so you can find the perfect number for your business. You can add multiple numbers to one team or user, so you aren’t limited to just one single vanity phone number.

Numbers are available for landline locations across the UK and can be tailored to your city. We even offer international numbers too. Find the perfect vanity number for your business.


Gold numbers from £10 a month


Silver numbers from £5 a month


Bronze numbers from £3 a month

Build your brand with memorable phone numbers

CircleLoop offers a business phone system for startups, growing businesses and established organisations. It’s perfect for any form of business, whether you want to set up a virtual call centre, empower your sales team or help your accountants chase invoices.

Find out how a cloud-based phone system & international numbers can help your business:

What is CircleLoop?

CircleLoop is the next generation of business phone. Entirely cloud-based, you’ll have access to your numbers wherever you have the app.
You gain instant access to 60+ smart phone features, including call recording, virtual numbers, analytics and more at no extra cost, plus a host of integrations to empower every aspect of your business.
There’s no lengthy contract, and prices start from just £5 per user per month. Add memorable phone numbers to your business today.

Business Phone System

What else does CircleLoop give you?

CircleLoop does more than sell vanity phone numbers. It also offers you...

In-depth call analytics

Any outbound call from, or inbound call to your memorable numbers will be logged. You’ll then be able to access a full analytics panel that gives you an overview of all the key call statistics for individuals and teams.

Cloud call recording

You can record any call made to or from a CircleLoop number. Call recordings can be played back for quality control or training.

Conference calling

Set up conference calls without the need for a second application.

Powerful integrations

We have developed integrations for some of the leading tools in the industry, including Hubspot, Zoho, Office 365, Capsule CRM, Pipedrive and many more.All integrations come at no extra cost.

Call routing and call menus

Perfect for when someone calls a memorable number, you can make sure they are routed to the right user with custom IVR Greetings & Menus.

Number Porting

If you have a vanity number already, you can bring it with you to your CircleLoop account.

Frequently Asked Questions about custom memorable numbers

How do I get a vanity number?

In CircleLoop it’s simple. You can either work out the number you want and search our system to see if we offer it, or you can just browse our existing database of vanity numbers and choose the right one for your business.

Can I choose my own telephone number?

Yup! When you sign up for CircleLoop you can choose your own number by adding a virtual number to your account.

How do I set up a memorable number?

Once you’ve set up your account you simply need to follow the instructions for adding a virtual number to your account.

What is a gold number?

Gold numbers are our most memorable phone numbers. While they come at a slightly higher price, they’re ideal for making your phone number easy to remember.

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