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Zoho CRM Phone Integration with CircleLoop

Keep your team in Zoho CRM, make better calls, log and track client communications effortlessly.

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What does CircleLoop + Zoho CRM Integration give you?

These are just a few of the added benefits you’ll get

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    Zoho Call Tracking

    Track all the calls you’re making throug Zoho with information on length, whether they were answered, recording and notes.

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    In Call & After Call Notes

    CircleLoop’s Zoho integration allows you to make notes during a live call, as well as after and assigns them to that call or contact.

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    Contact Sync

    You don’t need to export contacts from Zoho. CircleLoop allows for full Zoho CRM contact syncing.

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    Instant Click to Call

    Once your contacts have synced, use our Zoho integration to call a contact at the click of a button.

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    Zoho Dialler

    If you haven’t got someone saved as a contact, CircleLoop allows you to call someone with their phone number without leaving Zoho CRM.

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Zoho CRM Phone Integration

As one of the leading CRM platforms, Zoho CRM helps empower thousands of businesses across the world to generate leads and engage with their customer base. Time can often be lost in making calls, managing teams and hunting down caller details and notes, and that’s where CircleLoop comes in.

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How does CircleLoop Integrate with Zoho CRM?

CircleLoop offers seamless integration with the Zoho CRM platform, to allow users to make phone calls, export and sync contacts, track calls, make notes and more. CircleLoop allows for full Zoho CRM automation, with the ability to call your Zoho contacts directly through the CircleLoop app when you’re on the go. Our integration with Zoho CRM allows for call tracking, call recording and SMS logging, all at the click of a button. For more information on the Zoho Integration process, check our guide on integrating CircleLoop with Zoho. Once CircleLoop is integrated with Zoho CRM it works effortlessly alongside the platform. CircleLoop also integrates with other Zoho services such as Zoho Desk.

Zoho integration

Benefits for your team

Instantly know who’s calling

CircleLoop identifies the caller and gives you a direct link to Zoho CRM, plus full contact syncing. Your Zoho contacts will automatically sync into your CircleLoop phone system, so there’s no chance you’ll not know who the caller is.

Better customer management

No need to leave the Zoho platform to speak to clients. All of your calls can be made or received in-app using the Zoho phone dialler created by CircleLoop.

Instant access to call analytics

Everything is logged automatically in Zoho CRM, so you can view call details like answer rate, call length, attempted calls, and more. This then gets automatically logged to a contact on Zoho without you needing to do anything.

Type notes during or after calls

CircleLoop's native Zoho dialler allows you to leave enhanced call notes. Each contact’s notes can be edited or added to while you’re on the call, as well as after.

Zoho phone calls on the move

Quick search customers or prospects in CircleLoop's app. You can access all of your Zoho CRM contacts in the CircleLoop app. If you’re out and about you’ve not got to worry about accessing Zoho, as long as you have your CircleLoop app on your phone.

Sales process development

Call recording and logging allows better feedback on lead quality. This can be set up at the click of a button, and once you do, it automatically adds call recording and call logs to a contact in Zoho.

Instant access to all comms data

You already log your email & chats, add your phone to close the loop with Zoho CRM call logging. CirlceLoop lets you gain oversight of all your communication data from a contact on Zoho in one place.

Zoho call recording

Record any calls you make or received directly through Zoho. Setting this up only takes a couple of clicks, and then all calls recorded get automatically logged to a contact or prospect.

Do You Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions and don't hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance

What’s the Zoho native dialler?

We’ve developed a dialling system for Zoho that lets you dial numbers and contacts directly within the Zoho CRM platform.

The dialler links you directly to recognised contacts and also lets you make notes within it. If it’s a new contact the dialler lets you add them directly into Zoho.

What other features does CircleLoop offer?

As a cloud-based business phone system, CircleLoop can offer a number of other functions in addition to the integration with Zoho. Your number will work on any device with the CircleLoop app installed, plus free conference call capabilities and a whole host of other features.

If you want more information on CircleLoop features, check out our page

Can I synchronise my Zoho contacts with CircleLoop?

You can synchronise your Zoho contacts with CircleLoop as soon as it’s installed. This integration means you can access your Zoho contacts on the go through the CircleLoop app.

How do I track calls with Zoho?

This is done automatically within the CircleLoop app and goes straight into Zoho. Once you’ve installed the app it’s as simple as ticking the box to track your calls.

Smart features that save you time and money

Self service

Add a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze number to your CircleLoop account

Desktop and Mobile Apps

As a cloud-based phone we run using VoIP (voice over internet protocol), so you can make and receive calls on your mobile or desktop.


CircleLoop can sync up with deskphones, so if you still need a physical phone presence we can help there too.

Number Porting

Port your old number over to CircleLoop, so you haven’t got to worry about losing key inbound prospects.


While our apps lessen the worry of missing a call, we offer voicemail transcribing for any voicemails left to your CircleLoop numbers.

Out of Hours Routing

Set the days and times you are available, route calls to another team, menu or external number

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to another team, menu or another user


All voicemails can be converted to text and sent to your activity feed or email

Conference Calling

Every user gets their own conference room, to arrange group calls with ease

Call Recording

Call recording lets your sales team learn from their mistakes and improve their calls, plus they don’t have to worry about taking note or missing a detail.

Call Greetings & Menus

If people need to return your sales calls, you can set up in-call menus to direct callers to the right place.

Call Forwarding

Send inbound calls to mobile phones or other landline numbers


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