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The modern alternative to Vonage

All your calls, phone numbers and features, all in our powerful apps. No hardware, no contract and no hassle!

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What makes CircleLoop different to Vonage?

CircleLoop desktop app features
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    Make & receive calls in apps

    You don’t need IP phones. Simply use your existing computer and mobile.

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    We support iPhone

    As well as our Android, Mac, Windows and Linux apps, we also support iPhone with our powerful iOS app.

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    No engineers, no call-outs, no service packages. You control your users, numbers and features in real-time.

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    No contract

    We don’t rely on long contracts to keep you with us. We simply provide great technology and responsive service.

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    Smart Features

    Our cloud technology means you get access to better features without additional cost.

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    Save Money

    We guarantee to save you money over your Vonage solution, or your money back.

Over 1,000 forward-thinking companies choose CircleLoop

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John Woods, CommsTrader

Sept 2017

“As an affordable and effective and an all-in-one phone system solution that can be used for business of all sizes from any number of different industries, we believe CircleLoop is a more than worthy investment and will continue going from strength to strength as we move forward into the future”.

CircleLoop Unlimited


Per user per month

  • Choose a UK number
  • Port your existing number
  • Unlimited UK Calls
  • Desktop & Mobile Apps
  • Conference Calling
  • All of our great features

We Guarantee To Save You Money Over Your Vonage Solution, Or Your Money Back.

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