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Virtual Numbers / International Numbers

International Phone Number System: Appear Local with CircleLoop

Access a range of virtual international numbers to help you appear local without the need for a physical office. Act worldwide, stay local with CircleLoop.

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What is a virtual international number?

While we offer a number of virtual phone numbers for UK businesses, we also give you access to a whole range of international numbers. A virtual international number gives you a local presence in a country of your choosing. This means you can give your business a presence in countries across Europe or places like the USA.

International virtual numbers let you call people directly in those countries or receive forwarded calls to those numbers from people who live there. CircleLoop is a cloud-based phone system that can put international business numbers right at your fingertips.

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Local Rates

Your customers and clients don’t have to worry about picking up a hefty international phone bill. When they call a virtual international number they’ll be charged at their local rate.

This gives you a great opportunity to increase your presence and build trust around the world, even if you’re based elsewhere. Your numbers can go right through to your reps or sales team wherever they are too, they don’t have to be in the country that number is for.

What countries can I get numbers for?

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advantage Of Trust

Build trust internationally with local numbers

When you call someone in your chosen country your local number will be displayed on their screen. This both increases the chances they’ll answer and re-assures a customer that you’re trustworthy.

Knowing that they won’t be charged international rates is a huge bonus for both receiving and making calls and gives your business an advantage when they work around the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions and don't hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance

What are local numbers?

A local number in a cloud-based phone system is one with the area code of a particular geographical area that forwards to a central app. It gives your business a local presence, even if they don’t.

Does forwarding an international number cost money?

When someone calls your international numbers their calls are automatically forwarded to your normal business phone numbers, and it doesn’t cost them, or you, any extra.

What are international numbers?

International numbers will appear as a local number when you call someone, no matter where you are calling from.

How does an international number work?

This is where a cloud-based phone system that’s powered by VoIP comes into play. It allows you to make calls using the internet, which gives you a chance to access numbers in other locations.

When someone in another country calls a virtual international phone number they’ll be redirected to one of your normal numbers at no additional cost to themselves. They won’t even know it happens!

When your team call someone in another country, your international number will display on their phone.

What does an international phone number look like?

An international number will be displayed on a phone screen with the country of origin displayed and the full number.

You’ll be able to identify the number’s origin based on its dialling code. The dialling country code is a prefix before the number and changes from country to country.

For instance, the dialling code for Spain is +34 and this will be a prefix to the rest of the number when you are being called or when you are dialling that country.

How do I get an international local number?

When you sign up to CircleLoop you’ll be able to search through thousands of international and local numbers so you can pick the best ones possible for your business. It’s the same as when you add virtual international phone numbers to your account as an international number is just another version of our virtual numbers.

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